Frequently Asked Questions:
How many events will be held on National, International weekend?

Three completely separate pageants will be held:
a) Miss American Nation open to USA contestants ages 18-29.b) Miss Culture Galaxy open Statewide and Nationwide to contestants ages 18-29. International
Contestants must have a valid Passport and a valid Visa for travel to and from the USA.
c) Ms. Nature International open Statewide and Nationwide to contestants ages 20-40+.
International contestants must have a valid Passport and a valid Visa for travel to andfrom  the United States.

Where and when will the Finals be hosted?
Finals will be held Fall of 2018 in New York, Venue and solid date to be Announced soon.

Are there any State Pageants?
No, there are no state pageants contestants are accepted on an At Large Appointed basis only. This is a great way to save on funds on the preliminary and state level.

Is there any fee to enter?

Yes. Producing any pageant  or any other event comes with a cost.  While we continue to look for ways to reduce our overall expenses we must require a pageant fee. The majority of the fees goes back to the contestant and winners and the balance to producing the pageant.

 What is the 2018 fee?

Information will be listed in the information package and on the website

 What does the entry fee cover?

Your entry fee covers, but not limited to, the following: Official State crown, Official State Sash (USA only) participation in the overall competition, photo in program book, group photo shoot, gifts, prizes, and eligibility to win the National/international titles.

 What other cost are involved in participating?

USA Contestants are responsible for all travel related expenses to and from the host city.  Hotel cost, competition outfits, any incidental expenses incurred during the national pageant, ticket sales, sightseeing ticket. International contestants must contact the pageant for the International package and sponsorship fee.

Can contestants secure their own hotel accommodations ?

Yes, over the past 10 years of our pageant involvement, we continued to receive feedback that many of our contestants prefer to either stay in a room by themselves or with a family member/friend who travels with them.  This also reduces the extra cost for family members and friends who attend the national pageant.  

Am I required to stay at the official hotel?

No, contestants may seek their own hotel accommodations however, will be responsible for any travel related expenses to/from the host hotel or venue.  Contestants who choose this option will be held to the same expectations and schedule as those who stay in the host hotel.

 How difficult is it to collect sponsorship?

Collecting sponsorship is easy to do, however, it does take some time and commitment on your part. It is highly recommended that you make a list of potential sponsors such as friends and family members, employers, etc, and spend a few hours on the weekend or when your schedule allows you to collect your sponsorships. When you approach potential sponsors explain the pageant, the charities, scholarship and travel opportunities it supports and what your experience will entail, it is extremely beneficial in terms of developing new and/or better communication skills. This is an essential characteristic to have if you’re going to be the next Miss/Ms. titleholder.

 I don’t have enough money…but I want to compete in  the pageant, what should I do?

Our goal is for each contestant to collect 100% of the sponsorship fee from local businesses, organizations, employers, friends, and family members. Again, this is tax- deductible for those that assist you with sponsorship (as an advertising expense). If you work hard on collecting sponsorships. It is very possible that you will not incur any expenses whatsoever from your own pocket and may raise more than needed.

 Is there any other fee involved?

Family/supporter event pass

Sightseeing in New York City this information will be available before the finals.


Most pageants have a mandatory Ad page, it is mandatory?

No, it is not required at our pageant.

Can I represent another state or country, if my state title has been awarded?

Yes. Miss American Nation contestants will be given the opportunity to represent a state in which they previously lived in, attended any level of school or have family/relatives residing in.
Contestants can also represent another country for the Miss Culture Galaxy.

What type of photo do I need for the program magazine?

You must submit a high resolution headshot (no crown or sash)

 Am I responsible for my meals, lodging, travel at the National finals?


You are responsible for your meals, hotel lodging and travel to and from the pageant.

 If selected, when can I expect my crown and sash?

Crowns and Sash will be ordered once the entire pageant  fee has been paid in full.  Contestant should expect a minimum of 4 weeks for delivery of crown and sash production time USA contestants only.

 Do I get a free ticket to the finals?
No, everyone must purchase a ticket to the event occupying a seat count as a ticket.


What color cocktail dress should I wear?

If a specific company is required for you to purchase this year, Then we’ll let you know how/where to make your purchase. If no specific cocktail dress company is required this year, (Blue cocktail dress Miss American Nation, White Cocktail dress Ms. Nature and Miss Galaxy)

What kind of swimsuit should I wear?
If a specific company is required for you to purchase this year, Then we’ll let you know how/where to make your purchase. If no specific swimwear company is required this year, then you can choose a one or two piece solid color any color, pattern and style (as long as it is conservatively presentable) Preferably solid color but not mandatory Thong style or any other inappropriate swimwear is not allowed) You also need to wear a clear shoe. Preferably but not mandatory.

 What style of gown should I choose?
The only requirement for the evening gown is that you wear a long gown (e.g) a length that usually falls below the ankle. You can choose any style, color, fabric, etc. Choose a gown that best shows your personality but is also very fashionable and couture.

 If I participate and/or win, how much time is required?
We work with each of our titleholders and take into consideration your educational, vocational and personal obligations.  While we encourage each contestants/national titleholders to get involved in her community

If I need to withdraw or unable to compete, will I be entitled to a refund?

No. The Pageant uses your pageant fee for various  pageant related costs including venue and transportation deposits, marketing and advertising, printing and operating expenses, postage and shipping.  All fees are non-refundable.

 Finale Backstage Rules:

No one is allowed backstage dressing room area during the pageant other than the delegates. We have staff ready to assist the contestant.  NO photos allowed in the dressing room.

Finally, we are here to assist you with any questions or concerns your may have. If you need extra time or an extension. Please communicate with us we are here to help you.

“Good luck in your quest for the crown”