Miss Culture Galaxy

The Inaugural  Miss Culture Galaxy  will take place in New York, the City that never sleeps . The city where Its ethnic and cultural diversity and vibrant mix of world influences might be one reason why NYC attracts millions of visitors each year. We are honored to host this first edition here.


The Miss Culture Galaxy will officially replace  Miss Culture USA moving forward. MCG  is an international competition focused on celebrating the diversity of cultures around the World.  The events surrounding the Miss Culture Galaxy foster the development of friendships and help to improve universal relations.


It has become even more important to promote mutual understanding of customs and cultural traditions.  Miss Culture Galaxy (“MCG”) provides contestants the opportunity to meet and learn from people with different cultural, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. During the course of the competition contestants will participate in new and unique experiences, promote goodwill and a greater understanding, develop positive friendships with others and develop the knowledge and skills needed for participation in our multicultural society.


The contest also serves as a platform to educate and promote tourism and cultural exchange among the participating contestants.


We invite you to join in our Culture Galaxy competition!.