Panel – Style Interview (25%)
1.         The Contestant will have a one-on-one session with a panel of judges in a  boardroom    setting. Each Contestant  has 8 minutes to interview with the judges with an option of a 30 second closing statement.

Questions can range from personal platform to current events, to about you!

Contestant should be dressed for a job interview; not for a runway show.

Examples of attire can be a nice dress, blazer with a skirt bottom, blazer with slacks, a blouse with a pencil skirt, etc. Skirts cannot be higher than the top of the knee.

Shoe color should match your outfit or can be nude.

Judging is based on “Overall first impression”, delivery, quality of response, personality, articulation, confidence, and overall appearance.

  1. Swimsuit Model (25%)
    The Contestant gets to show off her physique while modeling in the swimsuit of choice.

The swimsuit can be a one or two-piece.
Swimsuit may have cut-outs, mesh, and/or embellishments

A solid color swimsuit is recommended, but not required.

No sarongs, beach cover ups/accessories allowed.

High heels (e.g., acrylic, taupe, skin-tone) are recommended but not required

Judging is based on “Overall first impression”, physique, confidence, modeling ability, and overall appearance.

III.        Aerobic Wear (25%)
Ms. Nature International.

Contestant will be judged on being physically fit, energetic and healthy.



  1. Evening Gown (25%)

The Contestant  will wear an evening gown of her choice she must carry herself with dignity, grace, poise and elegance. Judges will not be evaluating the cost or designer label of the gown, but rather how well it suits the contestant (e.g., fit, color, style)
Judging is based on Overall first impression, grace, confidence, modeling ability, and overall appearance.

The Contestant will wear a high-fashion outfit

This outfit would be something you would see at a fashion show. Outfit style must be of good taste. No provocative clothing.

Judging is based on “Overall first impression”, confidence, attire, personality, modeling ability, and overall appearance.

  1. State Costume Runway

Each contestant must participate in this runway show. This outfit should reflect your state. This is your opportunity to be creative with your selection.